Re-Entry: Grey Zone (2013)

Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller,

In 2010, An unidentifiable life form began to appear in the central region of America. This phenomenon was soon linked to a NASA probe that was reportedly crashed somewhere in the Western Hemisphere. By 2018 what appeared as an unidentifiable life form had transformed into a devastating catastrophe. Many effected regions in the world got quarantined as “Contaminated Areas”. Most of these areas are bordered by extremely large containment walls and explosive mines are placed on all patrolled waterways and bridges, Civilians are banned from entering these areas. The local and coalition military forces still struggle to wipe out the creatures around the world. The human civilization is facing extinction! 2018: Sri Lanka was among the first in Asia to face this situation. The local military has quarantined a region as an Infected Zone in Sri Lanka. A British Genetic-engineer (Kathy) arrives in Sri Lanka with intentions to re-enter the Contaminated Area to retrieve specimens of the species which she believes that will expose evidence to a cover-up the US is responsible for. The local government refuses to grant permission for Kathy to enter the Contaminated Area stating that it is too dangerous. After many attempts to convince the officials she decides to go on her own. While traveling through rural and shattered villages and towns, Kathy decides to rest in a little town very near to a Contaminated Area. She meets a young man (Gamunu) where she soon discovers that Gamunu is what the locals call “a monster slinger” who used to guide tourists illegally. Kathy convinces Gamunu to guide her through the difficult and hazardous expedition into the core of now whats known as “Contaminated Area”.