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Genre:Family, Reality-TV


Imagine if you stole your best mate’s car, right from under their nose and turned it into … a fluffy pink cat! Welcome to the world of Carjackers. In each episode, two cars are taken behind their owner’s back and driven to the Carjackers garage, where the vehicle will be re-designed in secret by the Carjackers team: Matt, Sophie, Rob and their crew of car experts and modifiers. Mischievous mates will bring their ideas for the car to be turned from concept into reality. From chicken nugget-mobiles and shaggy dogs to space shuttles and giant ice skate cars – anything is possible. The garage has a limited time to transform each vehicle before the owner is then reunited with their car. Will the owners be happy with their pal’s design when they see their new – but not always improved – car?